The Office of Management and Budget is pleased to offer all state employees a variety of training courses that will be helpful to them in the workplace. When clicking on the training topics, you will find courses relating to human resources, personal development, risk management, and procurement. Some of the courses will be on-line and some will be offered in a classroom setting. Training can be customized to meet agency needs by contacting Human Resource Management Services or 701.328.3293.

All of these courses are in PeopleSoft's Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) module. View registration for more information. 

Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) 

ELM is an internet-based training management solution that allows agencies to manage their learning information in a central location. Users can sign up for classes in three ways:  through employee self-service which automatically routes to supervisors for approval, through manager self-service where managers are able to enroll employees or by someone else the manager has identified as a learning administrator to enroll learners. Agencies have the ability to upload online, web-based, and instructor-led training and information.

Information on ELM Simulations

ConnectND ELM Security Access Request Form

For assistance please contact a HRMS Training Officer at 701.328.1632.

User Productivity Kit (UPK) 

UPK is a simple tool used to record the navigation of a PeopleSoft or non-PeopleSoft application. The business process of using the tool is: an agency lead works in a PeopleSoft application or other application, clicks the record button, and UPK records what they are doing. This is called creating content. Those clicks, navigation, and things being filled out are recorded as a job aid for the transaction once they are published to the system.

A person that is learning a PeopleSoft application can then click on the help icon and UPK is there to show them what to do to complete the task by replaying the recorded content, such as (Enter employee ID here),   (Enter invoice number here), etc.  This tool also has the capacity to record audio to supplement training and task completion.