State Identification Key Cards or Fingerprints


The North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) has been fielding calls about the continuation of fingerprinting for background checks. NDHP security will continue to provide the fingerprinting services for positions required by law to have a background completed. Because the interaction requires our staff and the person being fingerprinted to be inside the 6’ distance, there will be PPE procedures in place during the process. To set up fingerprinting appointments, please contact the NDHP Capitol Security Command Center at 701.328.9963. Also,  please advise the individual being fingerprinted that they will be subject to the same screening procedures required by public and state employees entering the Capitol building. 

For employee ID cards, please use the normal process of requesting cards using the NDHP Online Form. To avoid unnecessary exposure for individuals needing an ID card that are not also being fingerprinted, please attach an image of the person to the ID card request using a .jpeg formatted photo taken against a solid background. For potential new employees who are being fingerprinted, the photo will be taken at that time.

An additional question has been common since screening measures have been put into place.  “How do I screen if I come into the building either after screening hours or on the weekend?”  For those cases, the expectations are that if you come in earlier than when the screening opens, you go to the screening area after it opens at 6:00 to be screened. If you come and go outside of the hours of screening or on the weekend, please take the same enhanced precautions you were using before the mandatory screening was put into place.


Background Checks for PeopleSoft Access

Other vendors that perform FBI approved Live Scan for fingerprinting Contact Risk Management at 701.328.7584 if questions.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol (NDHP) provides employee identification cards, key card access to buildings on the capitol complex, key card access to several off site buildings as well as fulfilling metal key requests for the capitol complex. The Highway Patrol also offers fingerprinting services for state agencies. Official employee identification cards are issued to state employees and individuals serving on boards and commissions performing official functions on an agencies behalf. Contractor and special group key cards are also available. Individual employees may not request services, each agency shall have a designated contact person who will make all requests for the agency.

How to Request an Employee State ID Key Card

Beginning October 8, 2018, official state employee IDs have the ability to be used as a key card. The state ID and key card will no longer be two separate cards. Only those employees and board members with an office in the capitol or a regular business need at the capitol will be granted card access privileges to the capitol. ID cards for agencies without a need for capitol access will be printed on cards without the ability to be used as an access card. If it is thought the employee may need access to the capitol the request should reflect that need to prevent the need to reprint the ID on the correct card. Card access request will only be accepted from the agency card contact person and will not be accepted from individual employees.

Requests for the following should be made using the NDHP Online Form:

  • New ID only cards
  • New card access cards
  • Replacement cards
  • Card deactivations

The NDHP will not be replacing current ID cards or card access cards. The new card format will be used for new card requests and for cards that need to be replaced only. Access cards/ID’s will expire 10 years from the date of issue. There is no charge for new or replacement access or ID cards. 

Questions and requests should be sent to HP Security 

How to Request Contractor Access

Agencies may request card access privileges for contractors doing business with the state of North Dakota. Contractors such as FedEx, USPS, UPS etc should work with Facility Management mail room staff to obtain access. Contractors doing projects on the capitol grounds should contact Facility Management at 701.328.2471 for access requests. Individual agencies may request access cards for contractors doing work with their agency using the normal card access request procedures. Independent vendors who are not engaged in business with the state such as food delivery, flower delivery etc. will not be granted card access.

Agencies requesting card access for contractors will be required to track the contractors, collect the card upon the termination of the contractor and notify security when the card should be deactivated. Contractors will typically be granted access to the loading dock and mail room entrances Monday – Friday, 7:00am-5:00pm unless special circumstances exist. Unattended vehicles are not allowed outside any entrance other that the loading dock. Contractor cards will be of a distinctly different design than employee cards. Contractor cards are set to expire one year for the creation date, agencies will need to ask for a renewal annually. A fee of $10.00 will be assessed to none state employees for access cards. The NDHP is able to bill agencies or contractors for access cards. Payment will not be taken at the security office.  

How to Request Fingerprints and Photographs

Fingerprints and photographs shall be requested by using the NDHP Online Form.  Employees will not be given a copy of the fingerprints, the fingerprints will be transmitted electronically to BCI. Agencies will be given the PCN number that is generated by the fingerprint software. The PCN should be entered on the background request form by the requesting agency when they request the background from BCI. The background process for agencies will remain the same as it has been in the past, the only change is that the NDHP will send the prints directly to BCI. Agencies will still need to complete and submit all the necessary request forms to BCI and OMB's Risk Management Division. 

Fingerprints and ID photographs will be taken in the security office located behind the information desk on the ground floor of the capitol tower near the south entrance. For agencies that have been submitting photos you can continue to attach them when using the online form.

The normal hours for fingerprinting and ID photographs will be Monday – Friday from 10:00am–2:00pm. Due to the unpredictable nature of security work and the possibility of equipment failures, agencies are asked to call the security command post at 701.328.9963, 15 minutes before coming in for services to ensure they are available that day.