State Identification Cards

Central Duplicating provides identification cards for state employees and for individuals serving on boards and commissions performing official functions on an agency's behalf. Cards issued to state employees expire 10 years from date of issue and must be turned in to the issuing agency upon the employee's leaving employment. Cards issued to individuals serving on behalf of a state agency expire when the individual's term or appointment expires.

How to Request a State ID Card

The issuing agency should email requests for ID cards prior to sending the individual to have their picture taken. When requesting a card for a non-state employee, please include the expiration date of the individual's term.

Agencies will be billed monthly for ID cards as follows:

  • $7.00 - ID card only
  • $5.00 - Additional photos or key access photo

Order an Official State Employee ID Card

  1. Complete Official State Employee ID Template (Excel)
    1. Add any special instructions that may be needed such as: need 2 ID's made, need extra photos, key access photo.
    2. Since the template requests the names for the IDs, you do not need to type the names in the e-mail.
  2. E-mail the Excel file to CSD.

Order an Unofficial State Employee ID Card - Official Business on State Agency's Behalf

Follow the above instructions completing Official Business for a State of North Dakota Agency Template (Excel)

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