Classification Request Process

The Classification Request (CR) process examines and evaluates the required responsibilities of a position in order to assign the position to an appropriate class. Classification is more than comparing the position to the class description. It typically involves a thorough review and analysis of the position’s duties and responsibilities, class descriptions, organizational charts, class and position history file, position comparisons (inside and outside of the agency), and may include a discussion with the employee and/or supervisor. The process starts within each employing agency, and is finalized by HRMS.

A supervisor or employee may initiate a CR for the following reasons:

  • new position has been authorized; or
  • existing position has significantly changed.

After all agency representatives have reviewed the job description and classification request forms, the documents are submitted to HRMS along with any supporting documentation needed.

When HRMS receives a CR, a human resource officer uses a variety of information to analyze the position in order to make a classification decision.

The Hay Guide Chart - Profile Method of Job Evaluation (Hay System) is the job evaluation system used to point-factor evaluate jobs. Points are assigned to various factors within a job (class) and the total points correspond to pay grades and salary ranges.

If an employee or supervisor is not satisfied with the HRMS classification decision, he or she may request a review and determination by the Job Evaluation Committee (JEC). Contact HRMS for information regarding SFN 2585 Job Evaluation Committee (JEC) Reconsideration. See NDAC 4-07-03 and NDAC 59.5-03 for more information.

The Classification Request form is available in the JDQ system which can be accessed from the PeopleSoft Portal on the Employee Hub.