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My Saved Searches is a helpful tool that will email you jobs of interest (based on the criteria you set up) as they are posted to the State job site.

Job Search Key Word

  1. Access the State of North Dakota Employment website at
  2. In the top right corner of the Job Search page, click on Sign in.
  3. In the Keywords field enter a word for the type of job you are looking for (i.e. enter Accountant, if looking for accounting jobs).
  4. Click Save Search.
  5. In the Name My Search field, name your search something related to the job.
  6. Check the Notify me when new jobs meet my criteria box (notice your email already populates).
  7. Click Save Search.

Screen Print from Peoplesoft

My Saved Searches run over night. You will need to reset your Saved Searches every 365 days.​