Legislative Activity

The following are quick links to North Dakota's state executive budget documents and other legislative information including revenue forecasts and regular legislative session information. North Dakota's legislature meets every two years and this page will be available only through the current, regular legislative session. It will be republished prior to each organizational legislative session in November of each even-numbered year.

Bills and Resolutions Adopted by the 2017 65th Legislative Assembly

  • Published on the Secretary of State's website

OMB Budget Orientation Quick Links, "Where do I find...?"

  • Provides assistance in navigating through OMB's budget documents to more quickly locate desired information. 

OMB State Budget Documents

2016 Revenue Forecast

Legislative Council's (LC) Agency Budget Information (LC website)

65th (2017) Legislative Assembly Regular Session (LC website)

  • Session Information
    • Legislative Deadlines
  • Legislative Bill Tracking System
  • House and Senate Membership
  • House and Senate Committees
  • House and Senate Bills and Resolutions
  • Daily Calendars
  • Committee and Conference Hearing Schedules
  • House and Senate Journals
  • House and Senate Daily Roll Call Votes