Transparency Website Updated and Improved

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 1:00pm

The Office of Management and Budget has just completed a major upgrade to the transparency section of its website, creating a more user-friendly experience for citizens searching for budget data, vendor contracts, fund balances and other financial information about state government.

The revamped transparency website provides improved visualization of data, including pie charts and bar graphs that allow users to drill down into data. This allows users to more easily and quickly comprehend data, identify relationships and patterns and pinpoint trends.

Other new improvements include year-to-year comparisons of spending and revenues, user-driven analysis and fewer static PDF reports and tabular reports with raw data.

This user-friendly website will empower constituents, promote citizen engagement and build public trust by making state government spending more transparent and easier to analyze. The upgrades were implemented in-house using existing technology at a much lower cost than applications from external vendors.