Transferring Property

Transfer Property for Disposal 

Property which is surplus to the needs of a state agency must be reported to State Surplus Property regardless of its condition. The property is then disposed of according to Section 54-44-04.6 of the North Dakota Century Code. The ND State Auditor has determined that the disposing agency may make inventory adjustments at the time Surplus Property takes possession of the property. It is the policy of the State of ND that disposition of state surplus property be accomplished in such a manner as to prevent material benefit to any employee by virtue of their employment.

The intent of the Surplus State Property Disposal Manual is to identify to state agencies the procedures to dispose of state-owned or acquired property within the State of North Dakota. It is recommended all personnel that have been designated to be responsible for their agency’s property become familiar with these instructions. This will help facilitate the rapid disposal of their agency’s surplus property as required by law. 

There are two methods of disposing property: Use AssetWorks or complete SFN2426 State Property Disposal form.  


AssetWorks is a Software as a Service(SaaS) used to electronically track the disposal of property.  It is the preferred disposal method. Contact State Surplus Property at 701.328.9665 for access and training.    

SFN2426 State Property Disposal Form

SFN2426 State Surplus Property Disposal is the form used when not utilizing AssetWorks.  Multiple quantities of like items may be listed on one form.  Use a separate form for different items.

Disposing Agencies

  • Agencies must prepare property for efficient pickup.
    • If property needs to be moved to a loading area or disassembled, agencies will need to contact a furniture moving company or temporary labor. Rough Rider Industries is no longer providing that service.
  • Agencies have 5 days to submit transfers and coordinate the delivery of the property.

Surrounding Area Disposing Agencies

  • When reporting surplus property, agencies should coordinate the delivery of their property to coincide with the arrival of disposal paperwork. 
  • All agencies will be given 5 business days to get property to Surplus Property after disposal paperwork has been received.
    • If property is not received, agencies will receive paperwork with a notice of non-receipt of property. Property received by Surplus Property without disposal paperwork attached will be assigned a miscellaneous inventory number if paperwork is not received within 5 days. When property is assigned a miscellaneous inventory number, the audit trail for the property has been lost.

Agencies will not receive a copy of disposal paperwork until Surplus Property has received the property and assigned an inventory number to it.

Disposal paperwork can be faxed to Surplus Property at 701.328.9669, emailed to Surplus, sent inside mail to Surplus Property, or mailed to:

North Dakota Surplus Property
600 East Boulevard Avenue
Department 15
Bismarck, ND 58505-0608

For questions, contact Surplus or 701.328.9665.

Disposing of Herman Miller Furniture

Contact Surplus Property at 701.328.9665, prior to disassembling, to dispose of or schedule pickup of Herman Miller furniture.