Electronic Waste and Unsalable Property

Electronic Waste

ND State Surplus Property provides an outlet for eligible entities to responsibly dispose of their electronic waste (e-waste) by utilizing the state term recycling contract. Unsalable e-waste is brought to our physical location for transport to a certified recycling center that follows a strict no-landfill policy.

North Dakota entities eligible to utilize this program are:

  • State agencies
  • Political subdivisions
  • Public schools
  • Colleges and Universities

Contact State Surplus Property at 701.328.9665 for more information.

Unsalable Property

Unsalable Property is property that has been disposed of by an eligible entity and has not sold within 30 days of receipt. *Agencies may receive a bill sooner than 30 days if the property they surplus is in unserviceable condition or cannot be repaired.

E-waste and Unsalable Property Fee Schedule

On July 1, 2009, Surplus Property was granted the authority to charge agencies for the recycling and disposal of unsalable surplus property. Per NDCC Section 54-44-04.6, "The office of management and budget may establish a program for the recycling and disposal of surplus property determined unsalable and may assess and collect service charges from the department, agency, institution, or political subdivision from which the property was received to cover direct and reasonable costs of this service. 

These fees are subject to change. Surplus Property will publish all changes on this webpage. For questions regarding these rates contact State Surplus Property, 701.328.9665.