Workers Compensation

  • Workers compensation is a no-fault mandatory insurance plan to provide benefits to employees for job-related injury or disease, or in the case of death, to a beneficiary.
  • By law, workers compensation provides payment for medical expenses; financial benefits for disabilities or death; and if needed, payment for vocational rehabilitation.
  • When an employee is awarded workers compensation benefits, the employee may elect to use either accumulated leave benefits or leave without pay during the time the employee is unable to work.


  • For further information, contact Workforce Safety and Insurance, 1600 East Century Avenue, Suite 1, Bismarck ND 58503-0644, 701.328.3800.
  • The use of sick or annual leave in conjunction with benefits provided by Workforce Safety and Insurance will provide the employee with their regular pay.


NDCC 65-05 (sections 01 and 33)
NDAC 4-07-17
Workers Compensation Program for State Employees