State Employee Suggestion Incentive Program

  • All state employees are eligible to participate in the program except state agency heads, administrators, or any supervisors considered at the management level.
  • A state employee may submit a recommendation or proposal to reduce expenditures within the employee’s agency. The recommendation or proposal may be submitted on the SFN 19291 Employee Suggestion Incentive Program form.
  • The suggestion incentive committee reviews all recommendations or proposals and determines if:
    • The recommendation or proposal was previously submitted and rejected.
    • The recommendation or proposal is beyond the reasonable expectations of job performance for the employee who made the suggestion.
    • Implementation of the recommendation or proposal is desirable and feasible.
    • Implementation of the recommendation or proposal will continue to provide the quality of the services presently provided by the employing state agency and any other state agency affected by the recommendation or proposal.
  • The state agency head determines whether a recommendation or proposal is to be implemented.
  • The state employee who submits a recommendation or proposal that is approved is entitled to receive 20% of the first year's savings realized, up to a maximum of $4,000. The amount is paid in a lump sum from funds of the employing state agency.


NDCC 54-06-24