Salary Administration

  • Hiring rates for new employees may be up to the salary range midpoint/Market Policy Point depending on qualifications.
  • Salary increases are allowed under certain circumstances for the following reasons:
    • Successful completion of a probationary period
    • Increase in responsibility/workload
    • Promotion
    • Performance exceeding standards
    • Equity - SFN 54492 Documentation for Equity Increase
    • Temporary assignment to a position with a higher level of responsibility
    • Reclassification increases are not allowed unless the employee's salary is less than 5 percent above the new salary range minimum.
  • Exceptions to the Salary Administration Rules may be granted only by Human Resource Management Services.
  • All salary increases are subject to the availability of appropriated funds.
  • General salary increases are provided strictly as appropriated by the ND legislature.


  • Contact Human Resource Management Services, Classification and Compensation Section at 701.328.3290 or for information concerning pay rates in the classified service.


NDCC 54-44.3-12(7)
NDAC 4-07-02