Probationary Period

All classified employees are required to complete a probationary period. The following provisions apply:

  • The purpose of the probationary period is to determine whether the employee can meet the performance requirements of the position.
  • The minimum length of the probationary period is six months (1040 hours), but it may be up to one year if it is needed to satisfactorily determine performance.
  • An employee must be told the length of the probationary period prior to the time the employee begins work.
  • An employee may be separated from employment at any time during the probationary period for any lawful reason, without the right to appeal.
  • An initial probationary period may be extended if there is a documented work-related reason for doing so. The employee must be given written notice of an extension.
  • An employee must be given a written performance evaluation and notice of completion at the end of the probationary period. Lack of notice of completion within 15 working days of completion means successful completion of the probationary period.


NDCC 54-44.3-12
NDAC 4-07-06