Leave Without Pay

  • Leave without pay means the approved absence from work without pay of an employee.
  • Educational leave means the approved leave of absence from work without pay of an employee to attend school.
  • Approving leave without pay or educational leave is discretionary on the part of the appointing authority.
  • Leave without pay is limited to up to one year in duration.
  • Educational leave is limited to up to two years in duration.
  • Appointing authorities may grant leave of absence without pay, provided that:
    • the absence will not unduly disrupt the agency’s operations or service;
    • the employee does not accrue additional annual leave or sick leave while on leave status;
    • agreements in writing are made about the terms and conditions of the employee’s return to work if the leave without pay is for more than fourteen consecutive calendar days, or if the leave is educational leave; and
    • the employee is placed in an appropriate leave status.


NDAC 4-07-15