Leave Sharing

  • State employees may donate annual leave or sick leave to other state employees in cases of serious illness, injury, impairment, or mental condition that has caused or is likely to cause the employee to take leave without pay.
  • A state employee with over six months' service, who is not probationary, temporary, or otherwise limited in term, who has exhausted or will exhaust all annual leave, sick leave, and compensatory time off, may be eligible to receive such leave.
  • The submission of a medical certificate is required.
  • The chief administrative officer of the recipient employee’s agency must determine the employee’s eligibility.
  • The donation of leave from one individual to another is voluntary. The donation is not to a leave bank.
  • Once leave is donated it is not returnable.
  • SFN 58960 Leave Donation Request Form


NDCC 54-06-14.1 and 54-06-14.2