North Dakota has 10 statutory holidays on which state offices are closed.

  1. January 1; New Year's Day
  2. The third Monday of January; Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  3. The third Monday of February; Recognition of the birthday of George Washington
  4. The Friday preceding Easter Sunday; Good Friday
  5. The last Monday of May; Memorial Day
  6. July 4; Independence Day
  7. The first Monday of September; Labor Day
  8. November 11; Veteran's Day
  9. The fourth Thursday of November; Thanksgiving Day
  10. December 25; Christmas Day

If a holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, the preceding Friday or following Monday, respectively, is considered the holiday.

State offices also close at noon on December 24. This is an office closure, not a holiday. Noon closure applies on December 24 only, and is not moved to the preceding Friday or following Monday as referenced above for holidays.


  • Employees who are scheduled to work on holidays are generally provided an alternate day off.


NDCC 1-03 (sections 01 through 02.1)