• A grievance is a dispute or disagreement between an employee and the employer over some term or condition of employment, or over the interpretation or application of policy, rule, or law.
  • Each agency is required to have a grievance procedure.
  • The grievance procedure must involve the use of a standard form, identify the steps to be followed and the time limitations, require the parties to respond, allow the employee a reasonable amount of time to process the grievance without loss of pay, and count the time in working days.
  • Some grievances may be appealed to Human Resource Management Services following completion of the agency's grievance process.


  • Each party to a grievance should attempt to resolve the dispute at the lowest possible level.
  • Supervisors and managers should make a concerted effort to learn the facts associated with a grievance before responding to it.
  • Human Resource Management Services has a model¬†form, SFN 18409 Employee Grievance,¬†available for agency use.
  • Human Resource Management Services may provide¬†mediation services at no charge as an alternative to the standard grievance and appeal process.


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