Classification Actions

A classification/reclassification request may be submitted to Human Resource Management Services only if one of the following applies:

  • A new position has been authorized.
  • A significant amount of a position’s responsibilities has been newly assigned, reassigned, or changed.
  • A position is classified in a class or series that has been revised and the position’s duties and responsibilities are no longer similar to the revised class or series.

An employee may request that an appointing authority submit the position for review if one of the reasons above applies. The appointing authority shall, within 60 calendar days, determine if any of the reasons above apply. If so, the appointing authority shall submit the request to Human Resource Management Services for review. If none of the reasons apply, the appointing authority shall notify the employee the request will not be submitted to human resource management services.

Human Resource Management Services requires that a Classification/Reclassification Request and a current and complete Job Description (JD) be submitted to request a position review. This information must be accessed in the JDQ System in the PeopleSoft Portal in the Employee Hub.

When a request is submitted for a position because of reassignment of duties and responsibilities, requests for classification/reclassification must also be submitted for all other affected positions.

Human Resource Management Services shall notify the appointing authority and the employee, in writing, within 30 calendar days of its decision and the right to request reconsideration before the Job Evaluation Committee (JEC). If JEC review is required, Human Resource Managment Services will provide notification of the JEC decision within 60 days from receipt of the initial request.


NDAC 4-07-03
Classification Process