Appeals - Pay Grade

An employee or agency appointing authority who has received a pay grade decision on a class from the Job Evaluation Committee (JEC) and Human Resource Management Services (HRMS) may appeal to the State Personnel Board. An appeal to the State Personnel Board must be made within 15 working days from the date of the JEC decision. The appeal file, containing all the relevant information, will be distributed to the members of the State Personnel Board and to each of the parties. At a meeting of the State Personnel Board, the parties to the appeal are allowed ample time to address the board and respond to questions. When the board makes its decision, the parties will be advised in writing within five working days. Decisions by the State Personnel Board are final. The board's response is the final step in the administrative appeal process.


  • Employees and appointing authorities should review the details of the appeal process outlined in NDAC 59.5-03-02.1 prior to initiating an appeal.


NDCC 54-44.3-07
NDAC 4-07-04-09.2
NDAC 59.5-03-02.1