The Vacancy Announcement


North Dakota Administrative Code, Chapter 4-07-05, contains various requirements to be aware of during the recruitment process:

4-07-05-04: "An appointing authority shall notify human resource management services of each vacant classified, nontemporary position that the appointing authority intends to fill through external recruitment. The notification must be submitted prior to beginning the recruiting effort and may be in the form of a completed vacancy announcement, letter, or memo and transmitted electronically or by mail. An appointing authority that lists vacancies with job service North Dakota need not provide notification to human resource management services."

4-07-05-05: "When an appointing authority proceeds to fill a vacant classified, nontemporary position through external recruiting, the appointing authority shall ensure that the public has the opportunity to know of and apply for the position..."

4-07-05-05.1: "When an appointing authority proceeds to fill a vacant classified, nontemporary position by recruiting within its agency, the appointing authority shall ensure that all employees occupying classified positions of the appointing authority or within the specified work units have the opportunity to know of and apply for the position. An appointing authority may specify a work unit or work units within the agency from which applicants may be considered..."

4-07-05-09(1): "A vacancy announcement may not contain minimum qualifications that are less than the established minimum qualifications on the class description, but it may contain more specific requirements."

Internal Applicants

As you are preparing the job posting request and considering whether to recruit internally and/or externally, look within the agency as a possible source of qualified applicants for your vacant positions. Motivated workers seek growth opportunities for themselves. Take the time to see who within your agency qualifies and would welcome and handle increased responsibility.

Temporary employees can be considered as internal applicants if they have been selected on an open and competitive basis at the time of employment to the temporary position. Interns may be considered internal applicants if they have completed a documented internship with the agency within a two-year period immediately prior to the employment date. (NDAC 4-07-05-05.2)

Vacancy Announcements: What to Include

  • Position number and title; full time or part time, and regular or temporary status
  • Whether recruitment is internal only or internal and external
  • Salary range and/or hiring range
  • Application closing date
  • Location of work 
  • Minimum qualifications and any additional preferred qualifications
  • Summary of work
  • Application procedures and requirements in terms of tests, job demonstrations, etc., including any documentation required by the closing date, such as resume, cover letter, transcripts, veterans' preference documentation, etc.
  • If the position is exempt from veterans' preference, the job posting must state that veterans' preference does not apply
  • A statement confirming nondiscriminatory intent, such as "Equal Opportunity Employer" or an affirmative action statement
  • Detailed information on whom to contact for accommodation or assistance in the application and interview process, or for more information, including the North Dakota relay number or a TTY number

Including the above items in every vacancy announcement helps ensure consistency in the recruitment aspect of the employment process.

Other Recruitment Sources

In addition to the PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions system there are a variety of other sources available to assist in recruiting qualified applicants for a position vacancy. The key factor in successful recruitment is to gear the recruitment source to the type of job to be filled. For example, when recruiting for a clerical position, the local market may provide the best source of qualified applicants. Therefore, local advertising may be the best avenue for finding qualified applicants. For a professional-level position requiring a high degree of specialized knowledge and skill, a regional or national recruitment effort may be the best source to provide a pool of qualified applicants.

Newspapers and Professional Journals

One of the most common methods for recruiting applicants is through the media - newspapers, trade journals, etc. Careful planning in the content, timing, and location of newspaper ads can generate a large response from qualified applicants. Due to the cost of an ad, you may want to include only minimal information and state that a position description or further information is available within the online job posting or by contacting your office. The way the ad looks and reads is a reflection of your agency and the State. Above all, exercise caution so that wording does not violate equal employment opportunity laws and regulations. Do not make references to sex, age, etc., unless a bona fide occupational qualification exists.

Next, consider the best time to run an ad. For example, major holidays may be times when employment ads don’t do well. Also, consider that early March is about the time college graduates begin their job search.

Then, consider where to advertise; the location and circulation of the newspaper; or the readership of a professional journal. Keep in mind that depending on how often a professional journal publishes, ad deadlines may be a month or more in advance.

Finally, newspaper and professional journal advertising can be quite expensive. If you are going to spend a great deal of money in advertising, make sure your ad reads and looks precisely the way you want. Ask to see a proof of your ad prior to publication.

Combo Ads

Human Resource Management Services coordinates placement of ads from the various state agencies in the Sunday issue of newspapers throughout the state. The ad is easily recognized by job seekers because of its size and bold headings. The cost of the ad will vary depending on the number of agencies sharing the space of the ad.

If you are interested in placing an ad in Sunday’s Combo Ad, contact your agency human resource representative or Human Resource Management Services for details.

Job Service

Job Service North Dakota’s no-cost, online recruitment service puts employee recruitment at your fingertips. Search for the right employees on

  • Post job openings (most state openings are automatically on
  • Search North Dakota’s largest online résumé database
  • Create an automated Virtual Recruiter candidate search to match online résumés to your job postings
  • Research occupation and labor market information

Other sources for recruitment are: job fairs, educational institutions, professional associations, temporary employment agencies, or social media.

Human Resource Management Services staff is available to assist you or your human resource representative with planning or developing your recruitment strategy. For questions, contact HRMS at or 701.328.3290.