Steps in the Selection Process - Overview

Step 1 - Understand employment laws that effect the selection process (or consult with someone who does). 

Step 2 - Prepare (new position) or review (existing position that has changed) the position description or Job Description Questionnaire (JDQ). This step is critical, as it lays the foundation for the following steps.

Step 3 - Prepare a vacancy announcement or job posting in PeopleSoft Recruit Solutions, utilizing the position description or JDQ.

Step 4 - Prepare questions and scoring criteria for the interview(s). It is important to ensure the questions and scoring criteria are based on the position description or JDQ. Also, predetermine the number of candidates to be interviewed.

Step 5 - Screen applications and select the top scoring applicants for interview, based on the predetermined number of applicants to interview.

Step 6 - Conduct interviews based on the criteria established in Step 4 above.

Step 7 - Make your selection decision, conduct reference checking on your chosen candidate, then make an offer or conditional offer of employment. Be aware of any candidate receiving veterans' preference.

Step 8 - Effectively orienting new employees to the state workforce and to their positions is critical to establishing successful, productive working relationships. The employee's first interactions with your agency should create a positive impression. 

Step 9 - Prepare performance expectations and discuss the probationary period.