Posting the Intern Opening

Internship position vacancy announcements should be posted online by the hiring agency. Question Set 1130, Internship, will help ensure that qualified applicants are received to participate in the Internship Program. Also, an "Add Posting Description" has been created outlining the student requirements. Please include this section in your job posting.

The internship opening can be sent to the placement offices of the state’s colleges, universities, and vocational/technical schools.

Application and Selection of Students

Each student must complete an online application. Interview and selection practices of the hiring agency will be followed and will be in accordance with non-discriminatory policies. The hiring agency will have the final decision of which, if any, intern will be hired.


At this time, the State of North Dakota does not sponsor international students.

Veterans’ Preference

Veterans’ preference does not apply to state government internships.

For questions, contact HRMS Internship Coordinator at or 701.328.3290.