Creating a Work Plan

The internship should be designed to provide a training opportunity that is meaningful to the intern and helpful to the agency. Keep the following considerations in mind when identifying elements needed to create a work plan and evaluation criteria.

The SFN 59150 Internship Work Plan submitted by the agency must include:

  • An overview of the work plan goals and objectives. Condense the primary tasks into learning objectives or goals and what the sequence of learning objectives is. 
  • The primary work the intern will be doing. The job duties and responsibilities must align with the job class. To develop a familiarity with the agencies operations, offer a wide variety of experiences to maximize student learning. Keep in mind, lower level responsibilities are assigned with the intent of developing progressively complex responsibilities. 
  • Knowledge and practical experience expected to be gained by the intern (what will they learn). Specify course or subject knowledge needed to participate in the internship. The plan should identify the knowledge and skills required to perform the different levels of work. 
  • Determine the evaluation criteria. Track the student’s progress using the training criteria. Provide feedback to the student as they progress through the work plan.

Human Resource Management Services will notify the agency if the work plan and funding has been approved or denied.

At the end of the internship, both the intern and the agency should complete the exit survey interview. This provides HRMS valuable feedback for future planning.