The Selection Decision

Making the Decision

Interviews are now complete. The applicants must be evaluated to determine if there is a good match between position requirements and any of the applicants. All factors should be considered.

Scores of any pre-employment tests that were used and the oral interview rating should be considered. However, merely comparing the overall ratings of applicants is not sufficient. An applicant may have a slightly lower overall rating, but be better for the job because of an unusually high rating in a key performance area. Also, an applicant may have the highest overall rating, but have poor reference checks.

If selection of an applicant is not in rank order or sequence, reasons for selection should be valid, well documented, and uploaded into the state's online application system. 

Notifying Applicants

  • First notify the successful applicant by phone, then by written confirmation. The confirmation or written offer of employment should include title, salary, start date and time, notification of probationary status, any other details of employment, and name of person to contact with questions.
  • After the offer of employment has been accepted, notify the other applicants and thank them for their interest. Do not give the applicant specific reasons for rejection, or they may have cause to argue with you. Simply state that another applicant has been selected for the position. The letter or correspondence should be brief, begin and end on a positive note, and leave a good impression of the agency and the state. Veterans must be notified by certified mail. (Reference NDCC 37-19.1-04(1))
  • Assemble application materials for file, and prepare required paper work for the new employee. 
  • Where possible, the State's online application system should be used for making and accepting job offers and providing notice to non-selected, non-veteran applicants.