PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions

The online job application system, PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions, went live February 2014. Generally, there are over 100 ND state jobs listed for applicants to apply. If you have questions about any of the jobs that appear on the online system, you can contact the agency listed within the job posting.

PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions is comprised of Candidate Gateway and Talent Acquisition Manager. The two modules work in concert to address agency recruiting challenges.

  • Candidate Gateway helps your agency eliminate the hassles and delays that can be associated with employee recruitment. By using Candidate Gateway instead of a paper-based process, your agency can be the first to make a competitive offer to a top candidate.
  • Talent Acquisition Manager transforms the way you recruit employees, streamlining the complex task of recruiting for recruiters and hiring managers. In one location, managers and recruiters can create and submit requisitions for open positions, screen applicants, and hire best-fit candidates. From needs assessment through the hiring process, Talent Acquisition Manager and its included dashboards create a seamless experience for hiring managers and recruiters.

For more information regarding PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions, please contact HRMS at 701.328.3347.

Recruiting Solutions Status Reports