The Job Description

A Job Description (JD) form contains important information about a position. It includes the position purpose along with the responsibilities detailing the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to effectively perform the position. A completed JD should provide an accurate overview of the position’s organizational information, as well as a clear understanding of what will be expected for the position.

Each position’s JD should be reviewed carefully and on a regular basis (at least annually) to ensure any necessary adjustments are made to the position. Duty statements should describe what the duties are (not how they are customarily performed) and if they change, they should be updated. The JD should include detailed statements about the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position as well as the required education or work experience needed to perform the demands of the position and if they change, they should be updated.

The Job Description (JD) form is available in the JDQ System which can be accessed from the PeopleSoft Portal on the Employee Hub.