Background Checks for PeopleSoft Access

ONLY for Specific Access in PeopleSoft

In an effort to protect improper access to North Dakota state employee personal information, the 2007 Legislature enacted SB 2260 which contains an authorization for North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations (BCI) division of the State Attorney General to process nationwide criminal history record checks for individuals who have access to personal information in state’s PeopleSoft system.

The Risk Management Division is responsible for coordinating the FBI background checks with BCI. To implement this policy, OMB Fiscal and Administrative Policy 112 Employee Criminal History Background Checks  became effective August 1, 2007 for applicants and employees with job duties requiring access to personal information contained in PeopleSoft, such as HRMS/Payroll application; vendor information; state employee information such as home addresses, personal phone numbers, social security numbers or bank accounts; or one-time payment entry or inquire. Requirements and steps are outlined in Criminal History and Background Checks for PeopleSoft Access.


ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation - Criminal History Background Checks
SFN 54176 ConnectND HRMS Security Access Request
SFN 54418 ConnectND Financials Security Access Request
SFN 59165 FIN/HCM Business Intelligence Security Access Request
Fingerprint Card - Example of Required Fields