Talent Management

State of North Dakota's Performance Management Process

This content is for managers and HR administrators to provide an overview of North Dakota's Performance Management Process (PMP) and to provide tools and resources, such as ePerformance, to use the process more efficiently and effectively.

Value of Performance Management

  • Drives accountability throughout the organization.
  • Ensures there is alignment between individuals' goals and objectives and their agency's goals and strategic plans.
  • Drives clear expectations with measurable, objective criteria.
  • Provides opportunities for feedback to employees.
  • Supports individual development planning to expand individuals' skill sets.

Guiding Principles of Performance Management

  • People drive improved performance, not forms. Focus is relationships and feedback.
  • Performance management is a partnership between the manager and the employee.
  • There should be no surprises at review time.
  • Specific and objective feedback is key.
  • All individual performance goals should be linked to those of the department or agency.
  • Performance should be evaluated on what is to be accomplished as well as how it is to be accomplished.
  • Performance should be carefully measured and documented to ensure fairness and objectivity.

For questions about State of North Dakota's overall performance management process, please contact the HRMS director at 701.328.3290.


  • Simplified ePerformance document creation processes.
  • Electronic document sign-off.
  • Targeted performance notes.

Career and Succession Planning

Planning careers enables you to retain and motivate employees by providing structure for development activities focused on advancement. Succession planning is the process of identifying the long range needs and cultivating a supply of internal talent pools to meet those needs.

Performance Notes

Discussions should occur with supervisors throughout the performance period in order to discuss the progress of job expectations, career aspirations and development plans. Performance notes allow an avenue for documenting these discussions. Documenting performance helps demonstrate the status of performance throughout the performance period. Performance notes will help provide an avenue to track expectations, accomplishments and opportunities.


Profiles can be created for employees through self-service, manager self-service or administrator access. Profiles include such information as: Competencies, skills, certifications, licenses (and their expiration dates), education, professional memberships, project participation, and any other item the State wishes to track.

Manager HR Desktop

eProfile Manager Desktop is a collaborative application that gives managers greater input and control over employee information. With eProfile Manager Desktop, managers in agencies can perform routine tasks necessary to manage direct reports. eProfile Manager Desktop supports the following business processes:

  • Review employee information. (non-public information listed: home and mailing address, phone numbers, date of birth, emergency contacts)
  • Initiate change of employees' reporting manager.
  • Initiate transfer of employees.
  • Initiate promotion of employees.
  • Initiate change of employees' location.
  • Initiate change of employees' full-time or part-time status.
  • Initiate retirement of employees.
  • Initiate termination of employees.

Agencies can request this functionality. Primary duties as the agency lead would be to act as the point of contact to disseminate information to the agency about the Talent Management suite and represent the agency's needs for configuration and requirements.

Performance Resources

  1. Performance Evaluation Policy
  2. Universal Annual Performance Competencies
  3. Universal Annual Performance Rating Scale
  4. FAQ’s
  5. Employee ePerformance Job Aid
  6. Manager ePerformance Job Aid
  7. Manager's Talent Management Guide
  8. HR Administrator's Talent Management Guide

For questions with PeopleSoft ePerformance, please contact the HRMS business analyst lead at 701.328.3290.