Performance Evaluation


  • Measure actual performance against expected performance
  • Provide an opportunity for the employee and the supervisor to discuss job performance
  • Identify employee training and development needs, and plan for career growth
  • Identify skills and abilities for purposes of promotion, transfer, etc.
  • Support alignment of organization and employee goals
  • Provide the basis for determining eligibility for compensation adjustments
  • Provide legal protection against lawsuits


North Dakota Administrative Code (NDAC) Chapter 4-07-10 contains requirements for performance management and evaluation:

  • 4-07-10-02: Each agency, department, and institution shall adopt and use a program to provide for the development and management of the performance of each employee in a classified position.
  • 4-07-10-03: Each employee in a classified position must be informed of the responsibilities assigned to the employee's position and of the level of performance needed to successfully perform the work.
  • 4-07-10-04: Each agency, department, and institution shall use the criteria in one or the other of the following performance management program types:

Individual-based Performance

  • Performance reviews are conducted at least annually.
  • Performance reviews are based on individual job-related requirements.
  • A standard form or approach is used.
  • Performance standards, or goals and objectives are used.
  • The review includes a review of past performance.
  • The review includes a discussion of how performance may be improved or how an employee's skills may be developed.

Team-based Performance

  • Performance reviews are conducted at least annually.
  • Performance reviews are based on overall team performance and how the employee functions as part of a team.
  • The emphasis of the program is on improving the quality of a service or product, constantly improving systems and processes, and on preventing problems and eliminating them.
  • The program provides guidance for the education, training, and self-improvement of the employee.

Training Available

A variety of training courses are available through HRMS. For more information contact your agency HR division or search for available courses in ELM.