Out-of-State or Country Coverage

Under North Dakota law, employers are required to secure and have in place workers compensation coverage for its employees. These requirements of ND law continue even when employees leave this state and travel to another state or foreign country. The laws of other jurisdictions may also require employers to secure coverage. Questions arising from the extraterritorial application of ND's compulsory workers compensation laws are addressed in detail by statue and implementing administrative rule.

Employees that travel out-of-state for a period of 30 days or less generally continue to be deemed to regularly work at or from employment principally localized in this state. This principal applies to foreign travel as well as travel to other states.  Because travel outside the country often extends beyond 30 days, additional information on the existence of a workers compensation system in that foreign jurisdiction is necessary. Risk Management has provided information under the current administrative rule on the inability to secure extraterritorial coverage in the private market and will continue to periodically provide update information to North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance (WSI). In order to facilitate transmitting the remaining required information, the form below was developed to assist in that process. Additional information is to be included with this notification form.