Accident Review

In an effort to improve traffic safety and to reduce the number of traffic accidents involving state-owned and state-leased vehicles, the Risk Management Division sponsored legislation during the 1999 Legislative Session that established the Risk Management Accident Review Board.

The board meets periodically to review accidents involving state-owned or state-leased vehicles operated by state employees that result in injury or significant property damage. The board reviews accident reports and testimony and makes recommendations to the employee's agency head regarding discipline when the accident is determined to have been preventable. Recommendations may include training; physical, eye, written, or operational examinations; or restricted operation of state-owned or state-leased vehicles for state business. Accidents that do not involve injury or significant property damage are reviewed internally by the ND Department of Transportation (DOT) and/or the agency's loss control committee.

State employees are notified if an accident they were involved in will be reviewed by the board or the DOT. They are afforded the opportunity to present information to the board or DOT and are notified of the decision.

Board Members

  • Robin Rehborg, Chair, ND Department of Transportation
  • Dawn Moen, OMB Risk Management Division
  • Sgt Wade Kadrmas, Highway Patrol
  • Linda Olson, University of North Dakota
  • Lori Malafa, Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation