Request Supplier ID or Maintenance

Prior to setting up a new supplier (payee), the agency that will be making payment is responsible for collecting the necessary paperwork from the payee. This paperwork must be submitted with the agency's work request to set up the supplier. For questions, contact or 701.328.2773.

Exempt from W-9

There are some payees that do not require a W-9.

  • All federal (U.S.) agencies
  • State and local governments in all states
  • Banks, credit unions, or similar financial institutions
  • Tribal governments
  • One-time suppliers with payments under $600
    • Exception: Any supplier payment that qualifies for 1099-G or 1099-S reporting still needs a W-9, as the $600.00 limit does not apply.

Foreign Suppliers

A W-8 must be collected from all foreign suppliers before they can be set up for payment. The W-8 certifies the foreign status of the supplier and makes them provide proof of whom they are. Collect a W-8 even if:

  • The payment is one-time and under $600.00
  • The supplier is a corporation
  • The payment is for commodities, services, or a reimbursement

How to Request a Supplier (Payee)

  1. Send the appropriate form to the supplier (payee) looking to get paid. IRS does occasionally change verbiage on their forms, so make sure to send the most recent form.
  2. The payee should return the completed paperwork to the requesting agency, signed, and dated.
  3. The agency will submit a request using the Vendor Registry Work Request System with the necessary paperwork attached.​