Request Supplier ID or Maintenance

New vendors (suppliers and individuals) looking to receive payment from the state should use our online supplier registration pages to "Register as a Supplier".  The registration process consists of five short pages which allow the vendor to provide necessary information to the Vendor Registry Office.  All registrations will require the appropriate US W-9 or Foreign W-8 form be submitted. All supplier registrations will be reviewed and go through the approval process of the Vendor Registry Office. For questions, contact or 701.328.2773.

Exempt from Supplier Self-Registration

There are some instances in which an agency is required to use the Vendor Registry Work Request System for their supplier requests or changes.

  • Supplier is unable or unwilling to use the Supplier Online registration tool.
  • One-time suppliers with payments under $600
    • Exception: Any supplier payment that qualifies for 1099-G, Box 7 (Agricultural Payments) still needs a W-9 as the $600.00 limit does not apply.
  • Supplier change to existing supplier and wish to add a 1099 class.
  • Supplier change to add a new Location.

How to Request a Supplier (Payee)

  1. Send the appropriate form to the supplier (payee) looking to get paid. IRS does occasionally change verbiage on their forms, so make sure to send the most recent form.
  2. The payee should return the completed paperwork to the requesting agency, signed, and dated.
  3. The agency will submit a request using the Vendor Registry Work Request System with the necessary paperwork attached.​