Print Procurement

Printing Resources

State agencies with questions about printing services can email Central Duplicating Services or call 701.328.3494.

Printing Laws and Guidelines

Under state law, the Office of Management and Budget has authority to purchase and supervise all printing for state agencies (NDCC 46-01 and 46-02).

  • Printing up to $2,500  State agencies may purchase printing under $2,500 using small purchase procedures to ensure the pricing is fair and reasonable, including soliciting one quote.  Procurement rules require that bidders solicited be rotated on an equitable basis (NDAC 4-12-08-02).  Because printing costs may vary quite significantly from job to job and from printer to printer, obtaining bids on even small printing jobs may result in cost savings.  Normal purchasing procedures must be used if bids are obtained.
  • Printing over $2,500  Agencies must submit a Purchase Request to the OMB State Procurement Office for any printing over $2,500.
  • Printing State Contracts  Agencies with reoccurring printing requirements may ask the State Procurement Office to establish a state contract.
  • Printing Preference Law  NDCC 46-02-15 requires, “If practicable, all state, county, and other political subdivision public printing, binding, and blank book manufacturing, blanks, and other printed stationery must be awarded to a resident North Dakota bidder as defined in section NDCC 44-08-02.” A resident North Dakota bidder, offeror, seller, or contractor is one who has maintained a bona fide place of business within North Dakota for at least one year prior to the date on which a contract was awarded. Printing contracts may be awarded to a nonresident bidder upon written determination that it is “not practicable” to make an award to a resident North Dakota bidder (NDAC 4-12-16).

The Guidelines for State Procurement of Printing provide guidance to state employees who have responsibilities related to printing using state-owned equipment and print purchasing.