Suspended and Debarred Bidders

The OMB State Procurement Office maintains the State Bidders List of vendors who have applied to receive notice solicitations for commodities and services. Under state procurement rules, vendors may be subject to suspension or debarment from the Bidders List for cause. NDAC 4-12-05 contains the rules that pertain to suspension or debarment from the Bidders List. Contact the State Procurement Office at 701.328.2740 for questions.

Current as of May 1, 2017

  • Prairie Rose Data Products, 4391 46th Ave S, PO Box 7428, Fargo ND 58106
    • Debarment - Three Years, Effective 9/27/2016 thru 9/26/2019
  • Lawson Craft, 905 6th Street NE, Devils Lake ND 58301
    • Debarment - Eighteen Months, Effective 12/16/2016 thru 06/15/2018