Alternate Procurements

Alternate Procurement Procedures

State agencies and institutions must prepare an Alternate Procurement when they plan to obtain less competition than required by purchasing thresholds. No alternate procurement is required if purchasing from correctional institution and government entities (in-state, other states, Federal government, etc.).

Effective July 1, 2018:

  • $10,000 and Over. Submit an SFN51403 Alternate Procurement Request to State Procurement using the Purchasing Work Request System.
  • IT Purchases over $25,000. State Procurement will route the Alternate Procurement to ITD for approval.
  • Notice of Limited Competitive/Noncompetitive Purchase Use this template to prepare a notice to issue to the State Bidders List and post on the State Procurement Online System. The approving authority may require the requester to issue a notice. Attach the notice, proof of publication, and any responses received to the Alternate Procurement Form, and submit to the State Procurement Office using the Purchasing Work Request System.

For additional information see NDCC 54-44.4-05 (2) and NDAC 4-12-09.