Teacher Policy Manual

The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the North Dakota Department of Public Instruction are proud to present a Policy Manual (click on image to view the full manual (351kb pdf)) to all state employees who are teaching in state approved and accredited educational programs at the two state departments. The Policy Manual provides a structure for collaboration between schools and teachers as educational services are being provided to youth. A mechanism to grieve discharge and non-renewal is presented through the existence of an Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from each department.Manual Cover

This endeavor is a collaborative venture and, as such, will function as a model for the field. The Policy Manual has no goal, objectives, or desire to, in any manner, adversely affect any individual teacher or department. In turn, this Policy Manual does not exist to serve as a platform for the singular gain of any one department. Each department will remain autonomous while maintaining and promoting the shared direction of the Policy Manual.

Teachers are also covered by internal policies governing school employees as they relate to personnel files, professional development, salary administration, state and federal employment laws, internal grievance procedures, employee assistance programs, and other applicable employment practices.

The Executive Committee has the authority to adopt general policies, which are binding on teachers included in this Policy Manual. The Policy Manual is subject to change at any time by action of the Executive Committee, upon approval of the respective department head, or by laws enacted by the legislative assembly.