Medical Needs

medicalHealth services shall be available by professional health care staff with focus on the total wellness of the student. Holistic health care is the focus of NDSD/RCDHH Health Services. The concept of body-mind-spirit interaction will be addressed with each individual student. Local eye, dental, and medical facilities allow the school to assist families in providing complete health care services to the enrolled students.

Confidential medical files are maintained for each student attending NDSD/RCDHH. All files are stored in the Health Services office and updated annually.
Parent Notification
Parental notification is obtained at the beginning of each school year for students to be treated by the local health facility. Communication regarding all health procedures is provided on an ongoing basis to the parents.
Philosophy and Objectives
Optimal health is basic to sound education and productive living. The attainment and maintenance of physical, mental, and social well being enables students to work and develop to their maximum potential.

Health service professionals provide assessment and treatment of minor injuries and acute illness of NDSD/RCDHH students. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Wellness information provided to staff/students
  • Prevent and control of communicable diseases
  • Identify students with health needs
  • Encourage correction for remedial defects
  • Provide emergency care
  • Protect and improve health of school personnel
  • Develop a healthy school environment
  • Provide inservices on universal precautions, CPR, first aid, dental care, communicable diseases, and puberty
  • Provide updates on medical health issues to NDSD/RCDHH staff, students and families throughout the year
  • Teach health promotion and disease prevention
  • Report and record pertinent medical/health information
  • Establish standards of quality of practice after consultation with recognized nursing specialty groups