Individual Student Medical Files

For accurate record keeping and as a tool for preventive health services, a medical file is maintained for each student attending NDSD/RCDHH. All contents are confidential, stored in the infirmary, and updated annually. File contents include:

  • face sheet,
  • optometric/ophthalmologic report,
  • reports of various medical evaluations,
  • immunization record,
  • physical and occupational therapy information,
  • nurses notes,
  • medical history form with information provided by parents at time of enrollment (instituted and effective for new enrollees after 1987).

Two additional forms include parental or guardian permission forms for:

  1. emergency treatment,
  2. dispensation of prescription and non-prescription drugs.

Annual examinations are required and include dental, visual, and general physical examinations. Parents are sent the routine forms and deadline for return is the first day of fall term.

There are several circumstances which warrant NDSD/RCDHH staff assistance with medical exams. With parental direction, nursing staff will obtain some or all of the exams under the following conditions:

  • family hardship in obtaining exams,
  • student is at distinct disadvantage due to not having had exams (ex: can't participate in class due to problems with vision, dentition or physical health).