State Fire and Tornado Fund


As of July 1, 2019, the State Fire and Tornado Fund will be administered by the North Dakota Insurance Reserve Fund (NDIRF). For questions, please contact NDIRF at (701) 224-1988.

The State Fire and Tornado Fund provides affordable building and business personal property insurance coverage to state entities and political subdivisions in North Dakota.

The Fund offers Equipment Breakdown Coverage (Boiler and Machinery Coverage). This coverage is provided through an endorsement to your commercial property policy with the Fund and has its own deductible per occurrence (loss). The premium for this coverage endorsement is based on your total insured value listed on your schedule of property with the Fund. Travelers Boiler Re is the Fund's reinsurer for this coverage and adjusts these losses on behalf of the Fund.


2019 State Fire and Tornado Commercial Property Policy

Building Application (SFN 16259) - to add a new building or an addition to an existing building

Commercial Roof Questionnaire (SFN 52655)

Coverage Changes on Current Property Insured (SFN 3380) - to change the current building or content insurance limits

Equipment Breakdown Coverage

2019 Policy Renewal Instructions

Loss Prevention Questionnaire (SFN 53166)

Notice of Loss (SFN 9576) - to file a claim of loss

Outdoor Property Application (SFN 60515) - to add outside property detached from a structure

Policyholder Contacts form - to update your contact information