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Motorists can access road conditions, construction reports, and seasonal load restriction information by dialing 511.  511 is a national service for travelers to get the information they need to safely travel across North Dakota.  It's free and simple to use.

Additional information can be found online by viewing the ND Department of Transportation's Travel Information Map.

The North Dakota Department of Transportation provides information on the following winter driving topics:

Winter Survival Kits, Car Care Tips, and Travel Tips

You can request a safety talk through this website by filling out the online form and submitting it electronically. An NDHP employee will then contact you to make final arrangements.

Complaints may be given in person, over the phone, in writing, or by email. Individuals should be willing to identify themselves and give specific information relating to the complaint. However, anonymous complaints will be handled in the same manner unless there is no supporting information, evidence, or witnesses for corroborative purposes.

All employees will courteously and promptly accept and record in writing any complaint made by any citizen. Employees may attempt to resolve the complaint, but will not attempt to dissuade any citizen from lodging a complaint. Employees will immediately document all required information and notify a supervisor.

  • The use of dyed diesel fuel is not allowed for on-road use in licensed vehicles in North Dakota.  Under ND law, the injection of red dye into diesel fuel indicates the fuel has not been subject to an excise tax. Instead, dyed diesel fuel is subject to the special fuel excise tax of $.04 per gallon.
  • Dyed diesel fuel is sold for use in off-road, non-licensed equipment used for farming or construction and is exempt from the per gallon fuel tax. Dyed fuel continues to be taxed at a different rate and is intended for off-road non-licensed vehicle use only.

Source:  Office of State Tax Commissioner

Background checks must be requested through the ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation by visiting BCI's website or by calling 701-328-5500.

Damage caused from a vehicle's tire kicking up a rock is not reportable.

North Dakota Century Code states “No vehicle may be driven or moved on any highway unless it is so constructed or loaded as to prevent its contents from dropping, sifting, leaking, or otherwise escaping therefrom…”

Please contact law enforcement to report the damage, along with information of the trucks description and license plate number.

Contact us if you were unable to find your answer.