The NDCPPHRB administers two grant programs and prioritize crop protection product labeling needs and pursue opportunities to make more crop protection product options available to agriculture producers in the State. 

Created by:   Century Code 4-35-30
                    Administrative Rule: Article 107-01 & 107-02


The board consists of:

Jeff Topp (Chair)
(Governor's Designee)
Troy Bassingthwaite
(Appointed by the Governor)
Commissioner Doug Goehring
Agriculture Commissioner
Terry Weckerly
(Appointed by the Governor)
Rep. Mike Brandenburg
(Chairman of the House Agriculture
Committee's Designee)
Stan Buxa
(Appointed by the Governor)
Senator Terry Wanzek
(Chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee's Designee)
Ivan Williams
(Appointed by the Legislative Council Chairman)
Rep. Marvin Nelson
(Appointed by the Legislative Council Chairman)
Dr. Kenneth J. Grafton
Director, NDSU Agriculture
Experiment Station



The board administers grant programs to agriculture groups interested in addressing issues related to the registration of crop protection products.  To be eligible for receipt of a grant, an applicant must submit an application to the board by the March 1 and November 1 deadlines. The board will set meeting times to coincide with grant application requests. 


Minor Use Pesticide Fund Grant Program
may be used for conducting or commissioning evaluations, studies or investigations to obtain or maintain pesticide registration for minor crop minor use, or other use in North Dakota. 

  • No limited dollar amount
  • Pesticide manufacturers, dealers or distributors are not eligible
  • Qualified universities, the USDA or private researchers or laboratories are eligible for funding


Pesticide Harmonization Grant Program
may be used to address issues related to the registration of crop protection products.  Special emphasis will be given to applications that address harmonization or pesticide labeling and availability of Canadian pesticides that are identical or substantially similar to more expensive US-registered pesticides.


For more information:
ND Dept of Agriculture
600 E Boulevard Ave Dept 602
Bismarck, ND 58505-0020