Livestock production has the greatest economic multiplier effect on the North Dakota economy. It adds value to the grain we produce and the co-products produced in our state.

Below is a listing of hog sites on the World Wide Web that can serve as a ready reference, whether you are an experienced hog producer or interested in getting started.

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Information from Land Grant Universities

North Dakota State University
Web site includes publications produced by North Dakota State University since 1995 on
various aspects of hog production including the evaluation of unique feeds raised in North
Dakota that can be fed to hogs.

University of Minnesota
Web site operated by the University of Minnesota Extension Service. Has over 50 items of information
about the various aspects of hog production.

Purdue University
Comprehensive web site of the University of Purdue on hog production including information on animal
well being/behavior, economics and marketing, environment/odor/ housing, genetics, growth, health,
manure management, nutrition, pork quality, production management, and reproduction.

Iowa State University
Publications available from Iowa State on all aspects of hog production.

University of Nebraska
Web site of the University of Nebraska Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. Contains various
publications on hog management, marketing, nutrition, breeding and much more.

Provides information on the various breeds of swine.
An index of hog producers producing unusual breeds of swine: Choctaw, Gloucestershire, Guinea,
Hereford, Large Black, Mulefoot, Ossabaw Island, Red Wattle, Saddleback, Tamworth. Contains articles
about their characteristics, health management, disease management, nutritional requirements, etc.
Complete directory of livestock producers, names and addresses of national swine breed associations, a supply and service listing of companies, a book store, and a chat room.

Web site of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Contains information on the background of pork
production in the US, productions from pork, pork production phases, production systems, nutrition,
common manure handling systems and potential environmental impacts.
Site of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food. Contains information on manure management, air
quality in barns, and options for managing odor.

Articles on swine diseases and management practices affecting disease.

Information on a wide variety of swine housing.
Information from Iowa State University on hoop barns used to house hogs.

Up to date information of the futures market (only a ten minute delay),daily slaughter counts, daily hog
prices at various markets, weekly feeder pig report, hogs and pig report, and much more.
Site provides benchmark financial information for farm producers, educators, lenders, and other
agricultural professionals.

Producing hogs under contract
Up to date news articles on the hog industry written by National Hog Farmer, one of the premier
livestock publications in the United States.
Up to the minute information about pork in the United States.

Nutritional requirements of swine.
Use of dried distillers grain from ethanol plants for livestock feed.
A guide to feeding peas in hog rations. Published by North Dakota State University.
Web site of Hubbard Feeds. Contains all kinds of information about hog production including the
products they offer.