Farm to School was established after the USDA recognized the need to connect students with local food.

The program allows schools to purchase farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, meat, honey, dairy products and more from local producers for their school lunch menus.

When implementing the program, schools also have a chance to incorporate nutrition-based curriculum and provide students with experiential learning opportunities, such as producer presentations, farm-visit field trips and garden projects. This classroom focus on local food helps students develop a deeper understand of where their food comes from and why it is important to eat fresh, local food.   

The North Dakota Department of Agriculture offers Farm to School related educational resources and projects through their Ag in the Classroom program.

Are you a local foods producer looking to contribute? Check out our producer’s guide to learn how to sell your produce to schools or contact the North Dakota Department of Agriculture for more information.


Farm to School Contacts

Kristine Kostuck

Local Foods Marketing Specialist