2021 Emergency Feed Transportation Assistance Program

$2.5 Million Available


WHO is eligible for this program?

  • Livestock owners who have feed losses from drought and must purchase feed

  • Have not received ELAP funding for transportation reimbursement

    • Must own breeding livestock;

    • For the purposes of this program, breeding livestock is defined as; beef and dairy cows, bison, sheep, and goats

  • Must have a minimum of 25 animal unit equivalents. The Animal Unit Equivalents Guide is adopted from the NRCS National Rangeland and Pasture Handbook

  • The following will be considered “feed”

    • Hay or any other forage

      • Silage purchased outside of normal operation will be eligible

    • Grain including distillers and other co-products

      • Wheat midds

      • Beet pulp

      • Canola meal

      • Sunflower meal

      • Soybean hulls

    • Straw will be eligible

    • Other feeds and supplements are on case by case basis


WHAT is eligible for assistance?

  • Transportation costs for purchased feed or feed put up outside of normal operation due to loss of feed incurred between April 8, 2021 and Dec. 31, 2021.

    • Will include any hay or forage hauled less than 25 miles

  • Transportation cost of hauling breeding livestock to feed source

    • Feed must be used for the purposes of your own livestock operation

  • Eligibility details

    • Eligible for reimbursement of a portion of expenses based on loaded mile of purchased feed delivered or feed put up outside normal operations.

    • Eligible mileage expenses include the following:

      • Personal mileage – rate will be set at $2.50 per loaded mile

      • Commercial mileage – rate will be based on total amount charged

        • Expense must be per loaded mile basis

    • Receipts received for pick-up and trailer transportation will be prorated accordingly

      • Commercial rates higher than program average will be reduced to average or rejected

    • Receipts received at other than per mile will be calculated will be based on program average or rejected.

  • Must have receipts for purchased feed and have transportation costs associated due to the loss of feed supply


To apply click here. All applications must be submitted by Jan. 21, 2022.


Completed application must include:

  • A signed IRS W-9 form
  • Third party verification of feed loss form completed by bank, county extension agent, or veterinarian
  • All receipts must be included
  • Producer must agree to terms on the application form


For questions email haytransport@nd.gov.