Veterinarians who issue Certificate of Veterinary Inspections (CVI) are asked to make one of the following statements on the CVI they sign for breeding age animals entering North Dakota:

Breeding Age Females: 

  1. "Virgin Heifers", OR
  2. "Cows and/or heifers are confirmed pregnant", OR
  3. "Not confirmed pregnant and must be held in a dry lot premises for feeding and slaughter only"

Bulls :

  1. "Trichomonas foetus has not been diagnosed in the herd of origin", OR
  2. "The bull(s) represented on this CVI have three consecutive negative Trichomonas foetus culture tests which were at least a week apart or one negative PCR test within 30 days prior to entry and there has been no female contact since the first qualifying test." OR
  3. "Virgin bulls aged 24 months of age or less and bull(s) have had no potential breeding contact with females." (Statement must be signed by owner or herd manager)

Please call 701-328-2655 for any questions.