Photo by Mary Ellen (Mel) Harte,


Absinth wormwood is a perennial fragrant forb or herb. The plant commonly grows 3 to 5 feet tall at maturity. Absinth wormwood is woody at the base and regrows from the soil level each spring from a large taproot. Leaves are light to olive green, 2 to 5 inches long and divided two or three times into deeply lobed leaflets. Leaves and stems are covered with fine, silky hairs that give the plant a grayish appearance. Flower stalks appear at each upper leaf node and produce numerous yellow flower heads 1/8 inch in diameter, which appear from late July through mid-August in North Dakota. Each fruit contains one seed, which is less than 1/16 inch long, smooth, flattened and light graybrown.

Biological control:

No biological control agents or pathogens are available for this weed.

From Lym and Travnicek, 2015, NDSU Circ. W-1411.

For full description, growth habits, and other control options: Identification and Control of Noxious and Troublesome Weeds in North Dakota