North Dakota Law (NDCC § 4.1-47-02) requires every person to do all things necessary and proper to control the spread of noxious weeds. The North Dakota Department of Agriculture coordinates the efforts of county and city weed boards and state and federal land managers to implement integrated weed management programs.

Programs for noxious weed control

Landowner Assistance Program (LAP)
Targeted Assistance Grant (TAG)
Weed Seed Free Forage (WSFF)


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Weed Mapper and Datalogger Information

Noxious weeds enforcement

North Dakota's Noxious Weed Laws & Regulations
Enforcement Flow Chart
Enforcement Manual

Annual Noxious weed surveys

Noxious Weed Annual Survey Reports - Online Reports available from 2008 to present
Noxious Weed Current Year Survey Reporting Form - Reports due every February 1 for county/city weed boards and state/federal agencies

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Noxious Weeds Contacts

Chelsey Penuel

Noxious Weeds Specialist
(701) 226-4321