Industrial hemp may be grown in North Dakota only by the North Dakota Department of Agriculture through its Industrial Hemp Pilot Program or by institutions of higher education in North Dakota for agricultural or academic research.

Applicants wishing to participate in the Department’s pilot program must submit the following by 5pm CST January 31, 2017:

Emailed or faxed submissions will not be accepted.

Research proposals will be date stamped when they are received. All received research proposals will remain unopened until February 1, at which point all proposals will be opened and reviewed.

Proposals will be ranked by a committee appointed by the agriculture commissioner. Applicants that are chosen will be required to submit a notarized industrial hemp license application, two sets of fingerprints, the associated fees and a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)Must be re-linked.

Applicants must agree to comply with N.D.C.C. Chapter 4-41 and N.D. A.C. Article 7-14. An industrial hemp license issued by the state is required prior to planting hemp seeds in North Dakota.  

Industrial hemp is classified as a controlled substance by the federal government. Unless participating in a either an institution of higher education research project or Department sponsored pilot program, the individual or entity is subject to federal prosecution unless the individual or entity has DEA registration or other federal authorization.

Industrial Hemp Contacts

Rachel Seifert-Spilde

Industrial Hemp Program Coordinator
(701) 328-4128