Order No. 2007-01 (Revised 9-12-2012)


In the matter of: Tuberculosis Testing of Imported Cattle from Mexico And Rodeo / Timed Event Cattle 

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, effective March 27, 2007, the North Dakota State Board of Animal Health has determined that there is a threat from tuberculosis in imported cattle from Mexico, as well as cattle which participate in rodeos and other timed events.

This Order is issued this 27th day of March, 2007, for the purpose of taking effect on March 27, 2007:

  1. All M-branded cattle entering North Dakota are required to be accompanied with proof of two negative bovine tuberculosis tests by USDA Accredited Veterinarians with the last test within 60 days prior to importation into North Dakota.

  2. All M-branded cattle need a negative whole herd tuberculosis test on the birth herd of origin.

  3. All M-branded cattle require 484 RFID tags for identification.

  4. All U.S. born cattle used for rodeo or timed events must have a negative bovine tuberculosis test within the last twelve months prior to importation into North Dakota.

These requirements are being implemented to protect the health of North Dakota livestock.

The only exceptions to this Order will be by approval of the State Veterinarian based upon an epidemiological evaluation and risk determination.

This Order is issued pursuant to North Dakota Century Code §§ 36-01-08 and 36-01-12. The State Veterinarian is directed to carry out this Order pursuant to N.D.C.C. § 36-01-06. This Order remains in effect until further notice.