The Marketing and Information Division is responsible for providing education, marketing and management services to enable farmers, on-farm businesses, youth and ag-related industries the opportunity to create new wealth and income.

The division can offer business development assistance in the following ways:

  • Provide opportunities to help develop and expand markets for agriculture producers.
  • Assist agriculture related businesses in marketing North Dakota products.
  • Provide education and marketing opportunities for Pride of Dakota companies. 
  • Provide opportunities for youth to become part of the future of rural North Dakota.

Click here for a detailed list of finance and tax incentive programs available to North Dakota businesses.

On the International front, the Marketing Division helps send North Dakota representatives into foreign markets to provide information on North Dakota products and helping North Dakota companies establish contact with buyers. Domestically, the division helps groups of North Dakota companies attend the U.S. Food Export Shows, National Restaurant Show, Denver Stock Show and the Minneapolis Gift Show.

The Pride of Dakota program continues to be the centerpiece of Marketing and Information Division's in-state business development activities. Made up of more than 500 member companies, the program fosters a greater knowledge of North Dakota products through marketing efforts and promotions. Pride of Dakota activities include the Holiday Showcases, Pride of Dakota Day at the North Dakota State Fair, the Wholesale Gift Show and much more.